Jennifer Whytlaw

Photo of Jennifer Whytlaw Assistant Professor
Old Dominion University
7000 Batten Arts & Letters
Norfolk, Virginia 23529
Phone: 757-683-3841

Research Disciplines: Research Interests:

Natural Hazards, Risk Perception, Risk Communication, Environmental Geography, Environmental Equity, Vulnerable Populations, Health Equity, Mitigation Planning

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Jennifer Whytlaw, Ph.D., GISP, is an Assistant Professor in Geography at Old Dominion University. Her work is focused on the development and use of GIS tools and applications as components to environmental, health, resilience and transportation planning projects. Jennifer’s research focuses on the complexities of the human-environment dimension and how environmental hazard events influence personal understanding of vulnerabilities in communities. Jennifer’s research utilizes quantitative and qualitative methodological approaches involving analytical tools and analyses as well as engagement with practitioners and stakeholders. Jennifer has worked in the fields of maritime safety, environmental policy and planning, and environmental engineering.


Jennifer received her Doctorate in Geography from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, a Master of Science Degree in Geographic and Cartographic Sciences from George Mason University, and a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Policy and Political Science from Albright College.

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