Current and Past Projects

This page provides access to quarterly and annual reports, as well as 2016 renewal materials, for the CHWA CESU. The quarterly report provides data on all active CHWA CESU projects as of the report date. The annual reports section offers two reports for each of our Federal Agency Partners, providing data on all projects (active and complete) to date. The first report for each agency (Projects by Research Partner) is sorted by our Non-Federal Research Partners and then by federal fiscal year, while the second (Projects by Fiscal Year) is sorted by federal fiscal year then by project number. The renewal section provides access to project reports for the previous CHWA CESU project period (2011-2016) and to the new CHWA CESU agreement (2016-2021) .

If you have a current or completed CHWA CESU project that is not listed, please notify us by emailing a copy of the Task Agreement and/or any modification to Dan Filer at

Quarterly Project Reports

Annual Reports by Federal Partner

US Department of Agriculture

US Department of Commerce

US Department of Defense

US Department of Interior