NPS seeks Cumberland Piedmont Network Program Manager (GS-13)

Cumberland Piedmont Network Program Manager (GS-13) – This is a permanent position for the National Park Service (NPS) Southeast Region natural resources Inventory and Monitoring (I&M) Division, duty stationed in Mammoth Cave, Kentucky. The incumbent serves as the Inventory and Monitoring Program Manager for the Cumberland Piedmont Network, a group of parks with similar natural resources. The Cumberland Piedmont Network is responsible for implementing systematic long-term monitoring and assisting with natural resource inventories. The long-term monitoring focuses on ecological and management indicators of resource condition, called “Vital Signs,” including cave bats, cave crickets, cave aquatic biota, forest vegetation, and water quality. The incumbent’s duties consist of program management, long-term monitoring, data analysis, developing monitoring reports, and the implementation of resource monitoring activities.

Announcement closes November 13.

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