NCPE INTERN OPPORTUNITY — Tribal Historic Preservation Program Intern, NPS, Washington DC

Position: Tribal Historic Preservation Program Specialist (NCPE Intern)

Working with NPS staff, the intern will support the Tribal Historic Preservation Program by assisting with tracking partnership applications, reviewing partnership applications, as well as providing grant and review support to 183 approved THPO Partnership Programs. Duties will include processing and aggregating annual activities reports, document tracking/filing, and serving as a point of contact between the Tribal Historic Preservation Program and THPOs, as well as other NPS programs that support THPOs. Depending on the applicant, duties may include 1) tracking, reviewing, and drafting responses to incoming Tribal Historic Preservation Officer inquiries 2) assisting with the digitization of records and compiling data for reports and 3) helping the program with updating its web site and social media presence in collaboration with other NPS offices and staff. Experience in one or more of the following fields is required: Historic Preservation, Anthropology, Native American/Indigenous Studies, History, Archaeology, or Public Administration (or a related field). Experience with the National Historic Preservation Act or with working with tribal cultural and historical resource management is preferred. Other required skills include: knowledge of Microsoft Office programs, collaborative spirit, experience with file or database management, and strong written communication and editing skills. The ability to work independently with minimal supervision is also desirable. This position could be performed part or full time, and would be ideal for a local graduate student interested in working in the Fall and Spring Semesters (1200 hours). Position is located in Washington, DC. To learn more about the NPS Tribal Historic Preservation Program, please visit: or


To be eligible, applicants must be currently enrolled in an academic program or recently graduated (degree received May 2017 or later). Interns are not eligible to work more than 1200 hours total in this program; previous interns in the program must stay within this overall limit.


The length of the internship can vary from 30 weeks if full-time (40 hours/week) or longer if on a part-time schedule. The exact starting dates will be determined on a case-by-case basis with the supervisor. An ideal target start date for this internship is late summer or fall 2018. Stipends are paid at $15. Please note that interns are not NCPE employees; stipends are awards rather than wages. Taxes are not withheld, nor are social security contributions made on your behalf. These funds may be taxable, however, so consult a tax preparation professional if you have questions. Please be aware that interns are responsible for finding and paying for travel to and housing at the internship location if not local to Washington, D.C. Due to Government-wide security requirements, a background check will be required for all positions if you are chosen for that position. This will include providing information about recent housing and employment history. The position supervisor will have more information on those requirements and procedures at the time of hiring.

To Apply

To apply, please send the following to or

1) Resume that details your professional and educational experience

2) Cover letter detailing your interest in the position and how it connects

to your scholarly, professional, or personal interests and strengths

3) A copy of the two most recent years of your transcripts

4) A writing sample that you feel demonstrates skill in editing and written communication and/or knowledge of a topic related to the position

About NCPE

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